The Three Phases of Credit Score Recovery?

What Phase Are You In?

1. You are currently late on existing credit bills and you are struggling to match your income to the amount you are obligated to pay each month.

2. You have recently let bills go to collections and you are operating on cash.

3. You have gone through the tough income problems, and you are coming back out on top. You have begun to stabilize your income and your outgo. You may have even started to save some money and you are tired of paying rent.

If you are in phase one and two, now is not really the time to begin your credit restoration.

When You Walk Away From Credit

A lot of times, when you walk away from credit, the only thing that is left on your credit report is the bad stuff that happened previously – the collections and the things you didn’t pay. Unless you do something about that, your credit score will stay low because there is no new, positive input.

Not Much To Do Until You Stabilize

If your income is not stable and consistent you should not worry about clearing up your credit yet. If you start working on your credit, only to have another series of late payments, it will only take longer to fix.

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