Loan Officers – What Should Realtors Expect?

6 Things Realtors Deserver in Their
Loan Officers

During a recent conversation I had with one of my trusted real estate partners, I discovered how frustrated she was with the service she has been receiving from a particular title company closing agent. We have both worked with this person in the past and are both now disappointed in the lowered level of service we have been receiving as of late.

Our conversation quickly turned into more of a discussion as to what we think could explain such decreases in service levels from the loan officers we work with. Could it be that they have gotten too busy, or that their support staff has changed?

We realized that, regardless of what had changed on their end, there are still certain things that Realtors deserve from their loan officers.

If you have no complaints about your current loan officer, this post is most likely not for you. However, if you have had some issues with your chosen mortgage professional lately, it might be time for some change.

The following list shows 6 things that every Realtor deserves from their loan officer:

1. On time closings
2. Weekly updates on the progress of the loan
3. Competitive interest rates
4. Closings on tough loans (Think low FICO)
5. Availability
6. Co-Marketing

Examples of marketing that Realtors and loan officers can do together are joint mortgage rate flyers and email video campaigns. They can also help each other with Search Engine Optimization by linking between each other’s websites.

If you are no longer happy with the loan officer you are currently working with, give me a call! I look forward to exceeding your expectations of what a loan officer should provide to their partners.

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