Help For Hurricane Harvey Victims – FHA 203(h)

Mortgage Insurance For Disaster Victims

Section 203(h) of the FHA program allows the Federal Housing Administration to insure mortgages that have been obtained through qualified lenders by victims of a catastrophe, such as the recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma. This program has been designed to help victims that need to rebuild their homes or purchase a new home in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Purpose of the 203(h) Loan

Through Section 203(h), the Federal Government is able to help victims that are located within areas that have been declared disaster areas by the President. Section 203(h) makes it easier for residents of such areas to get mortgages and re-establish themselves as homeowners.

Type of Assistance

Section 203(h) provides assistance to those who are located in such an area and have either lost their homes entirely or whose homes have sustained enough damage that reconstruction or replacement of the home is necessary.


There is no down payment required for Section 203(h), meaning the loan can be 100% financed. The closing costs, however, as well as other prepaid expenses, are still the borrower’s responsibility. There are still a few options for these fees as they can be paid through premium pricing or in cash by the borrower or by the seller. The seller will be limited to 6% if they agree to take responsibility for these costs. FHA Upfront and monthly mortgage insurance will both be collected. The HUD sets the limit for each county in regards to maximum loan size for Section 203(h) loans.


Any homeowner whose home has been either destroyed or significantly damaged in an area that has been declared a disaster area by the President is eligible to apply for mortgage insurance under this program. The application for Section 203(h) must be submitted within one year of the disaster declaration by the President.

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